A geodesic dome is the most efficient use of space of all structures. Skylights and bay windows can be used to take full advantage of fair weather, or walls can be taken rolled away completely. Multiple domes of varying sizes can be connected using long or short tunnels. Plus you get absolutely clean sight lines! There are no poles to interrupt the eye or compromise your exhibit space. And don’t worry about rigging in lighting, audio, décor or performers – a geodesic dome is the strongest structure you can build.


We can set up your dome for you easily. Similar to a tent, it has a frame and a cover. Incredibly versatile, they don’t require a foundation, so you can set one up pretty much anywhere you have event space. You can use them indoors and out. The cover is waterproof and has venting for sunny days, or can be closed up for foul weather. It breaks down into small pieces so it is easy to transport it wherever you need it, even in tight spaces or hard to access locations.


Let your imagination run wild in adapting your dome to your event theme. Could you use a beach ball, globe, moon, soccer or golf ball? We can connect multiple domes using short or long tunnels, provide dome skins customized to your graphic specifications, and have many options that can be used to make your dome into pretty much anything you can envision.

Winter event? Make our geodesic dome your gigantic igloo – use it as a warm-up area with amenities, or create a fantasy winter environment. Light it up and set a crisp winter night aglow at your Festival of Lights!


Trade show? Promotion? It’s easy to set yourself apart using one or more unmistakably eye-catching event domes with one-of-kind custom skins, projections of your logo, or animated light shows that shine right through the walls to the outside. Your high-profile display will certainly have a memorable impact on anyone who lays eyes it. Don’t settle for anything less!


Planning an outdoor event? Worried about inclement weather? No need! A geodesic dome is nature’s perfect architecture – not only is it light and efficient, it can withstand hurricane force winds, extreme snow loads and it’s the safest place to be in case of an earthquake! It allows you to take advantage of fair weather with skylights and detachable doors, or protect your patrons from extreme weather conditions using tunnels and ventilation fans.


We provide domes from nine to ninety feet wide with lots of features and options including:
  • Many sizes available
  • Transportable to virtually any location in the world
  • Suitable to almost any environment
  • Clean sight lines (no poles!)
  • May be connected using long or short tunnels
  • Varying thicknesses of skins available (from thin for interior/exterior light shows and projections to thick 'black out' skins for complete aesthetic control)
  • Skylights
  • Bay Windows
  • Solar Fans
  • Detachable Doors
  • Decks
With enough lead time, we provide custom skins to display your logos or artwork. Depending on your whereabouts, the local building department may require engineering documentation. Our engineer can help meet these requirements.

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